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Best Ski Touring trip in the Svaneti's Caucasus

9 days of a stunning adventures with a local guides 


Ushba, Tetnuldi, Laila - freeriding on over 4000 meters Explore Svaneti!

Stamina level

4/5, up to 8hrs/day

Tech level

4/5, all kinds of terrain

Guiding days

8 of 11

Guiding ratio



We offer definitely the best tour for all who want to get everything at once, explore the region and having a good ride. Only local qualified guides who know the terrain better than their five fingers. 
Dare this adventure and a handsome prize awaits every man and woman!
Day 1

Transfer from an Airport

Organized transfer from the airport of arrival: Tbilisi/Batumi/Kutaisi. Arriving at Mestia, we check in hostel and have lunch/dinner, then spend the rest of the day doing some sightseeing.Meeting with the guide(s), trip briefing, equipment check.
Day 2

Hatsvali Ski Resort tree skiing

North-faced, forest covered ski resort with a very fast access from Mestia (4 minutes new built lift). We will make several descents along the cool relief glades, among the trees. During this day we'll warm-up and a guide(s) determine the group level.
Day 3

Tetnuldi Ski Resort couloirs

"The White Princess" mountain, an ideal peak in a hugs of a glaicers. Ski lifts are lifting up to a height of 3,165 meters, from where we'll make a several runs on an amaizing amd steep couloirs. The resort is located in 15 km / 30 minutes by car from Mestia.
Day 4

Koruldi lakes

The first full ski-touring day. Starting from Mestia at 9 a.m., we'll spend about 4 hours to reach the approaches of Mt. Ushba (4,710 m). Koruldi lakes is located at height of 2,600 meters. This route offers a view on a 7 summits (of Svaneti): Ushba, Chatin, Ulukara, Banguriani, Gistola, Tetnuldi, Layla. Descent starts from a steep alpine meadows, goes through a wide forest glades and lands directly in Mestia.
Day 5

Ushguli 1

Trip to Ushguli, the community of four villages located in 46 km from Mestia.Ushguli is real village museum, whole village is protected in Unesco heritage. At the first day we'll go near the village and climb 900 meters. Descent goes through a wonderful relief, starting with a meadows and ending with a freeride in the village.
Day 6

Ushguli 2

Ushguli, the second day. All the way we admire the stunning views of the Mt Shkhara 5,193 m and its glacier. Actually, we almost reach the glacier, and get down from 3,000 meters. The day is finishedwith a light ski touring to the village on a flatland.
Day 7

Ushguli 3

Early rise to make this day filled. We will climb another mountain, where we are awaited by a delightful descent, 1 km of a snow pleasure. It's a long day: 3-4 hours of ski touring, dinner and a trip back to Mestia.
Day 8

Mestia day

Day of a rest! Sleep, eat, relax. It is recommended to dry your equipment on this day.
Day 9


Today waits with a legendary Ushba view, probably the best day of the whole trip! All the day we see the symbol of Svaneti: twin headed Ushba, dominating on valley. We start a day in Etseri village, located in about 25 km down the road from Mestia. Then we make 5-hours, 1,700 vertical meters ski touring. Descent is steep, for the experienced free skiers.
Day 10


The final day of our tour. We'll move to another completely new place: Mt Laila (3,994 m) approaches. We'll make a record climb of 2000 vertical meters, 6-8 hours depending on the group level.The highest point is near 3,300 meters, the lowest is 1,300 - the Tskhumari vilage.
Day 11

Transfer back

Breakfast and return by van directly to the Airport in Kutaisi/Batumi/Tbilisi. Alternatively, we gladly help you to make arrangements to stay in Mestia to enjoy some of the world’s unexplored mountain place.

From 1500€

Price per person for groups of minimum 2 participants. 


Guide & guide expenses, 8 x nights in Mestia, 2 x nights in Ushguli, 9 x dinners, 10 x breakfast, airport transfer, transport during the tour.


Drinks, lunches, insurance, 2 x ski pass.


Dates: from January till April, put dates in comments

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