In case of emergency 

112 is the Emergency Response Center that receives emergency calls from all over Georgia via unified emergency number - 1-1-2 during 24-hours. 

112 service is free of charge from all fixed line and mobile networks even if the number is disconnected from both sides or there is no SIM-card in the mobile phone.

Police, Ambulance or Fire/Rescue brigade immediately goes to the place of destination.

Emergency helicopter evacuation should be strongly reasonable: helicopter comes from Tbilisi. 

If you are injured on a slope

If this happened on a slope, and you cannot move, then you need to immediately call the rescuers - 112 for now. 

If you suddenly saw that a person is lying on the slope or outside and he/she does not move, drive up to him and ask if everything is all right.  If you see that there is a problem, immediately call the rescuers, describe the injured person, the situation and help as far as your medical knowledge is concerned. Place crossed skis and sticks (put a snowboard) in 5-10 meters above so that nobody can hit the person.

All ski resorts of Svaneti are patrolled by an experienced ski rescuers. 


Don't forget include Georgia in a list of countries in your insurance.

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