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Those who have never been to Svaneti first have to get a sense of where they are, because there is so much to do here. Dive into the information and get out to enjoy the most beautiful experiences.


Situated on the southern slopes of the central Caucasus Mountains and surrounded by 3,000–5,000 meter peaks, the Upper Svaneti is the highest inhabited area in the Caucasus. The "capital" of Svaneti is Mestia, a small town of 2,500 souls with the nearest ski lift in 15-minutes walking from the main square.

Mestia's altidude is 1,400 meters.

~450 km / 8h to Tbilisi airport

~270 km / 6h to Batumi airport

~240 km / 5h to Kutaisi airport

See Getting here page for a detailed description. 

History of a place

Until recently, Svaneti was best known for its ancient house-towers, which belong to UNESCO world heitage. In the world of mountaineering the name of Svaneti appears at 1960-s thanks to legendary Mikhail Khergiani, the strongest mountaineer. Generally speaking, a mountain walks are a daily activity for the local people, conditioned by the way of life. Local Svans are real experts in surviving during the long winter with heavy winter snowfalls. 

Ski resorts

There are two ski resorts in the area: the largest one is Tetnuldi ski resort called as the mountain it's placed, it's located in 15.0 km from the town; the second one is Hatsvali-Mestia ski resort, it is located in 8.0 km by road and can be also reached by a new ski-lift from Mestia.
Both of them are new constructed: 2015 - Tetnuldi, 2010 - Hatsvali; and it is growing up as fast as interest to the Svaneti region. Read overview on Lifts & Pistes.

Tetnuldi ski resort 

2,260 - 3,165 M

Point of entry to a lot of сouloirs and starting point for a lot of ski tour and backcountry routes.

Hatsvali-Mestia ski resort 

1,865 - 2,347 M

Despite the fact that the difference in altitude seems small, everyone at this resort will be able to find entertainment from beginners to sophisticated freeriders. The best place for the forest riding. 
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