Ski &  Snowboard Instructors

To learn in a fun way, quickly, safely and without any worries - book a local ski insctructors learned in the Advnetrure Tourism School; whether you are a three year-old new to the sport and having their first go, teenagers who want to head off into the terrain; or those who are want to improve their technichs, for whom the latest equipment just can’t go fast enough.
Young, modern, full of energy and passion - it's what the local instructors are!

Instructors offer:

  • Private two-hours lessons for kids & adults 
  • VIP full day lessons 
  • Half day lessons 
  • Children lessons 
  • Ski & Snowboard guiding 
  • Ski & Snowboard coaching 
  • Ski holiday packages 
Average cost per hour is 50-60 GEL ($20-25) per hour for one person.
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